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Mother & Daughter

Proactive Care With Friends & Family

The Background

“My Mum is a very independent lady. But she’s 87 now and has a number of conditions - congenital heart failure, poor mobility, poor hearing, arthritic hands and she’s had some falls. I’m Mum’s primary caregiver but live about an hour away due to my work. I see her three times a week and really worry about her being on her own when I’m not there,” notes her daughter.

The Situation

A few years ago, after her mum had a fall, they agreed it was time to invest in a medical alarm. “I want to be there for Mum. I want to be active in her care even when I can’t be there in person. I don’t want to find out something has happened to Mum after the fact. The medical alarm gives her peace of mind that immediate help is around her 24/7 should she ever need it. All she needs to do is press a button.”

The Solution

The mother and daughter* chose the Bupa Medical Alarm powered by Jupl. But for extra peace of mind, they’ve also signed up for the Friends & Family service. Friends & Family is a text and app service that allows the daughter to see the status of her mum’s medical alarm and alerts her about any critical situations that she needs to be aware of. She is notified when her mum presses the emergency alarm, so she can proactively go see her rather than waiting for a call after the event. If her mum forgets to wear her pendant or wanders out of range, her daughter is notified via her mobile phone so she can remind her mother to keep safe. “I love that I can now be even a closer part of mum’s health. Knowing that I can receive information in real-time about her medical device and any emergencies means that I feel I am as close as I possibly can be with her. It is also good to know I share the information with my siblings who are always asking about her”.

*Real Bupa NZ customer