Jupl appoints Gui Feijo to head up Australian expansion

Jupl, an emerging innovation leader in the Personal Emergency Response System sector, today announced the appointment of Gui Feijo as General Manager, Australia. 

Commenting on the appointment, Alan Brannigan, CEO of Jupl, says Feijo joining the company will further accelerate its growth plans for Australia.

 “Gui has a deep understanding of the Australian PERS market, having spent the last five years running Vitalcall, Australia’s largest PERS provider. Jupl’s innovative approach to the PERS market was attractive to Gui, who is keen to build on our successes with foundation customers like BUPA and St John to help make Jupl a household name,” says Brannigan.

Feijo, who was at St John Australia prior to Vitalcall, says Jupl caught his attention with its strategic, forward thinking approach to solving some of the industry’s ongoing challenges. 

“Jupl caught my attention a while a go for their talent and commitment to improving peoples’ health. As society reaps the benefits of technological advancements around medicine and healthcare, I believe Jupl is well positioned to address the challenges of tomorrow and achieve its purpose of helping the world to better health. I am so excited by the vision that I want to be part of it. ” 

“I’m also very excited about the imminent mobile (mPERS) offering which is something the market has been wanting for quite a while now. The beauty of Jupl is that we are more than just monitoring – we connect carers, family and friends with their loved ones by providing personal biometric data in real-time,” says Feijo.

Brannigan says the real time collection of data and ability to share the care with other family, friends and caregivers is the future of personal emergency response. 

“As the ageing population trend is predicted to accelerate, we are well placed to be a key player in this market. Jupl has the ability to sync with commercial medical monitoring equipment as well as consumer product applications, which has already opened the door to some exciting international partnerships, which we will be announcing later this year,” says Brannigan.