Vigil wins NZ Hi-Tech Award

Vigil Monitoring celebrated success in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards held in Christchurch on 16 May.

Winners of the Callaghan Innovation Hi-Tech Pre-Commercialisation Company of the Year 2014, this award recognises the potential of a hi-tech company that is a new venture with a clearly identified competitive advantage.

Vigil offers an intelligent medical alarm using a bracelet and base station that will raise an alarm automatically if an adverse event such as a fall or change in heart rate is detected. Smart technologies such as this will enable more effective methods of medical monitoring.

CEO Alan Brannigan says, "It is an honour to have won this award as it gives recognition to the phenomenal work the team is doing. However, as the category suggests, we are not there yet. To make sure we deliver the best product in the world for monitoring the elderly and the unwell we need all the help we can get so please step forward to contribute to finalising the shape of our product design and roadmap”.

People caring for elderly parents are asked to help with developing these new solutions by being interviewed by the Vigil Monitoring team, who are developing their first "Peace of Mind" monitoring solution for the elderly and unwell that will roll that out later this year.

If you want to be part of the survey go to

Vigil is working with a major channel partner to trial Vigil's technology with its more vulnerable clients later this year. “This is where all the hard work pays off. Vigil wants to make a real difference in people’s lives and this trial aims to show how valuable real-time monitoring can be in allowing vulnerable people to live more independent lives but at the same time know that their well-being is being monitored by those that care for them including their family and friends”, says Alan Brannigan.