Jupl Creates Breakthrough for Dementia Care

The constant worry that families live with when a loved one is in the early stages of dementia is all consuming.

“For many people living with dementia and their families, it is their wish to live in their own homes for as long as possible while staying safe and well.” Said Alzheimers NZ chief executive Catherine Hall.

A recent case study has proven that technology can and will provide people with early onset dementia the ability to live more independently and allow their loved ones the comfort of knowing where they are throughout the day and if they become distressed at any time.

Following an intensive international collaboration between Spark, Samsung and Cisco-Jasper alongside New Zealand software company Jupl, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has been trialled by voluntary participants in New Zealand to ascertain the suitability for day to day use with early stage dementia patients. The results have been extremely positive.

‘The success of this trial and fact that our technology is enabling people to have a better quality of life that allows family members to be less stressed is an amazing feeling.  It also opens up so many future possibilities to help carers and sufferers of other conditions like epilepsy or autism.’ Said Jupl CEO, Alan Brannigan.

The Samsung Jupl smartwatch has an inbuilt Spark SIM that works just like a phone, so if a wearer ever feels distressed, all that is needed is to push the button on the watch and the wearer is instantly connected to the nominated family member/s mobile. Additionally, if a family member can’t get a hold of their loved one by calling the watch, it is a simple process of checking the Jupl app on their smart device to locate the watch wearer.

“It’s great to see the advances in technology providing new opportunities for better quality of life for those living with dementia.” Said Ms Hall.

The Samsung Jupl smartwatch has GPS capabilities so it can be seen in real time. The smartwatch does need to be charged each night but should the Jupl smartwatch ever get low on battery, a carer is instantly notified.

Trial participant, Bevan Hogan said, ‘The watch is such a huge step forward for us being able to have peace of mind again in our lives. We want to both remain as independent as possible so that we can carry on doing the things we love.’