Jupl Scores Aussie Supply Agreement With Frontier Networks


Jupl  technology delivers proactive healthcare care, not just emergency calling

Auckland, New Zealand / Sydney, Australia, 08 February 2018 –  Jupl New Zealand’s innovative developer of mobile healthcare applications, has signed its first Australian partnership supply agreement with one of Australia’s largest connected health solutions providers, Frontier Networks.

Frontier Networks is the exclusive supplier of connected health solutions to several of the largest retirement living and aged care providers in Australia and undertook a global selection process to determine the best healthcare technology partner.

Paul Mula, Frontier Networks Co-founder and COO, says, “We carried out an extensive tender process, involving an international search and review of mobile healthcare solution providers. We were looking for the best technology partner to work with us to deliver advanced healthcare solutions. At the end of that process, we concluded that Jupl was the one for us.”

Alongside their home based personal emergency solutions, Jupl’s mobile application integrates with a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and Cisco Jasper’s cloud service, to deliver wearable, always-on remote healthcare services. The Jupl application provides around-the-clock support for the wearer (and their carers) through GPS and activity monitoring, as well as allowing critical alerts and reminders to be received. The application also incorporates a mobile phone app for carers to receive updates on the wearer, should the wearer become distressed.

Alan Brannigan, Co - founder and CEO of Jupl, says the solution evolved as a result of thousands of hours of collaboration between Samsung, Cisco Jasper, Spark and Jupl.

“The solution was made possible, in large part, by the roaming capability of the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, in conjunction with the embedded SIM solution provided by Spark, and managed using the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform provided by Cisco Jasper,” says Brannigan.

Sir Ray Avery, Jupl Co-founder and healthcare inventor, says, “This technology is a world first and will transform how we look at personal health and safety – it’s a great example of the kind of healthcare innovation required to improve healthcare outcomes for the world’s  ageing population.”

The Gear S3 is the first smartwatch with an embedded SIM, meaning it is essentially a mobile phone and doesn’t require any other device or phone for transmitting information.

The contract between Jupl and Frontier Networks was finalised at the inaugural Samsung Healthcare Summit held in Sydney late last year. The event showcased how technology is being utilised alongside the Samsung suite of products to enhance healthcare today and what can be expected in the future.

Gui Feijo, Jupl’s General Manager in Australia, says Jupl has been running multiple product trials and case studies throughout Australia in the past year, gaining experience and traction in the Aged Care and Lone Worker environments. According to Feijo, the partnership with Frontier Networks is the first of several expected to come to fruition in the next few months.

“This is a fantastic win for the Jupl team and a great way to lead into the new year.  We are very excited to be working with the Frontier team,” says Feijo.