Share the care with those that matter to you most.


Friends & Family is a service designed to bring people together in a network of care. It is an app as well as text service that sends carers important alerts and care updates direct from their watch & in-home gateway activity.

No need to have to wait after an event. Actively care for your loved ones in real-time and increase peace of mind.


Real-time Push Alerts

Notifications will pop-up on your smartphone when an alert has been triggered. Click the notification to load the Friends & Family app and view the alert details.


GPS Accuracy

The map shows the last known location of the wearer. If you are ever concerned about the location of the person you care for, press ‘Locate Device’ to receive an updated watch location.


Your Events

This screen is visible when you first log into the Friends & Family app. Events are in chronological order with the newest message at the top of the list. Events are colour coded as either Red or Green.


Receiving Alerts

When you click on a new alert notification, you are directed to the Alert screen.  The wearer has pressed the help button and our monitoring station are responding.  They will be in contact with you should they require assistance or if Emergency Services have been despatched.