An independent living solution is typically a collection of services that address multiple needs including health, safety, wellness, emotional connection and social interaction. Due to the limited availability of funded long-term care services, independent living at home solutions are seen as the only viable option for most people hitting retirement age. With an ever increasing population of 65+, healthcare providers and insurers are investing in independent living because of government mandates on accountable and more customer directed care models.

Jupl solves a need

 We’ve observed that the independent living market can be classed broadly into two solution types:


Location Tracking and Assistance


Personal Emergency Response System


Jupl extends on traditional Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) by providing a secure, robust and interoperable IP based platform for multiple integrated independent living solutions. This includes enhanced mobile technologies which enable true ‘beyond the gate’ mPERS solutions as well as a platform that supports digital health data from an array of consumer and medical grade 3rd party devices.

Offering a variety of data collection and analytics allows our channel partners to offer evidence-based customised interventions. This leads to improved health outcomes, with sustainable business models through a combination of public and private funding. In an effort to reduce demand on health systems generally and residential care facilities in particular, government policies around the world, without exception, are designed to encourage people to live at home for as long as possible.


Jupl’s products will allow us to transition from reactive care to a deeper, more proactive level of care by connecting families in new ways. By doing so, the service will ultimately result in more appropriate use of health resources whilst preserving the independence and quality of life of their loved ones.

Malcolm Kendall
Telecare Innovation Manager, St John

Real-time health monitoring and alert technology

New technology developments are set to deliver genuinely transformative changes to the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) market, removing many of the restrictions associated with traditional approaches to medical and health monitoring systems.

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