We design, manufacture and distribute leading edge healthcare biometric monitoring hardware, software and cloud based platforms which continuously monitor, record and analyse human physiological parameters.

Jupl systems improve healthcare outcomes in home-based personal healthcare management, hospital and managed care environments. Our industry specific hardware and software packages can be individually tailored to meet individual customer needs and integrated into existing operational systems, improving cost efficiency, quality of care and healthcare outcomes.

Jupl's comprehensive suite of healthcare monitoring services include tailor-made wearable wireless biometric patient monitoring systems; universal wireless hubs integrating existing or proprietary patient monitoring systems; and analytical software tools for storage and predictive analysis of accrued patient data. In addition, accrued clinical monitoring data is analysed using Jupl's system algorithms which are a combination of innovative rules, fuzzy logic and neural networks. These provide valuable tools to help determine preventative healthcare strategies and thus improve patient safety and treatment efficacy.