The benefits for you

Create your own cloud-based safety management platform, quickly and cost effectively.

Diversify and expand your service offering under your own brand.

Brand Presence

Custom brand our devices with your logo for easier integration into your own system.

Unique Platform

Build your own unique customer service packages using our platform.

Custom Monitoring

Escalate the alarms into your own call monitoring facility or choose from a wide range of our partners.

Range of Hardware

Choose from a range of existing devices or integrate your own. Manage them all via the Jupl Portal.

Custom Dashboard

Set your own parameters for devices and permissions for your customers or the people you are caring for.

System Integrations

Take it a step further and consume our APIs to integrate our services into your own ecosystem.

Total Visibility

Track and manage alerts, set permissions, track locations and more, via the Jupl Portal.

Increased Revenue

Unlock new revenue streams without paying software development costs.

Diversify Your Offering

Rapidly expand your product range and grow your market share at low cost.

Online safety management delivered under your brand