Jupl Use Cases

When it comes to safety and assurance we are all the same. We all want peace of mind, knowing that help is nearby should we need it. Jupl provides that assurance to thousands of people across the globe through our channel partners. Our channel partners include 24/7 monitoring centres, retirement villages, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) providers, telecommunications companies, charities and government departments.

Whilst our channel partners might service different sectors, the core offering of providing help when people need it, remains the same. To date Jupl services 3 main sectors: Aged Care, Worker Safety and Family Safety.

Worker Safety


Jupl provides solutions to a number of businesses focused on meeting their duty of care and ensuring peace of mind for their staff. Use cases include: homecare staff, social workers, maintenance staff, late night delivery workers, mobile lenders, property management staff, outdoor facility management staff and more.

Teams are connected and managed through the admin portal on the Jupl Cloud. Multi-permission layers allow for tiered team management throughout the organisation. Automatic event recording and time stamps allow for easy incident report generation as well as cover during health and safety audits.

Most importantly though, businesses can provide real-time protection for their most important asset, their people.

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Family Safety


Jupl works with a number of charities who offer domestic violence support. Jupl’s solutions feature discreet alerts to a 24/7 monitoring centre who will contact police, fire, ambulance on the persons behalf during an emergency, locate by inbuilt GPS Location tracker and even record any background audio that can be used as admissible evidence in court.

Jupl also works with distributors who provide these solutions direct to the consumer. The Jupl Watch and Jupl Mobile can insure that any family is protected while out and about with real-time monitoring of their whereabouts and 24/7 emergency response.

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Aged Care


Jupl provides a new level of personalised and integrated care to our partners. Utilising our platform, we have created an ecosystem that easily integrates with your systems to optimise safety outcomes for those you care for. With our real-time monitoring of devices and alert driven escalations, we reduce the load on carers without reducing the level of care.

We have a number of solutions in the field to date including Jupl In-Home, the Jupl Watch and now, Jupl Mobile. We also work with our partners to deploy solutions such as alert forwarding, using consumer voice assist technologies, geo-fence triggered alerts for people with early stage dementia and managed carer response with tiered call escalations.

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