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Auckland, New Zealand, 24 July 2019 

Jupl, New Zealand’s leading developer of health and safety solutions, announces  the release of its ‘Bring Your Own Device’ personal monitoring  solution.

Jupl’s Mobile Phone Personal Monitoring App  is the latest addition to  the Jupl Health and Safety Platform. It offers the same robust 24/7 personal monitoring service right from your mobile phone.

Jupl co-founder and CEO Alan Brannigan said “This is not just a mobile phone app. Jupl offers a health and safety platform as a service that complies with some of the most stringent compliance standards in the world. We are a leading supplier of home based and wearable personal emergency response solutions.  Therefore, developing a mobile phone solution that could access our cloud-based monitoring system is just a logical extension of that service. 

However, you can’t just provide a phone app that requires a user to unlock their phone before they can get assistance. Our Mobile Phone Duress App takes care of that for you. 

You only have to install the Jupl Phone app once and it will run in the background continuously even if you switch off and restart your phone. Even with your smartphone locked,you can still get assistance by triple clicking the side button on your phone. Your location is accessed by the call centre and a phone call established directly with emergency staff.  

All of the platform features are the same as we offer for our in-home and wearable  products including event notifications to a number of care givers and responders, device fleet management, check-in check-out functionality, GPS and network location tracking, geo fence generated alerts,  and 24/7 call centre response in case of emergencies.”

Large scale product trials are underway with a number of major companies in Australia and New Zealand with a full product release scheduled for Q4 2019.

Jupl Co-Founder  Sir Ray Avery Said “  “We have traditionally focused on   the Aged and Health Care markets  but more and more we are finding that frontline staff in these sectors  such as Hospital Emergency Staff need    personal monitoring systems to ensure their safety as lone workers.,  The  ‘Lone Worker’ market is significant  and we are seeing significant market opportunities in the Home Care, Finance and Insurance sectors. While our current Jupl watch solution literally provides help on hand not every person or company can afford a Jupl   watch with its own dedicated phone plan. The Jupl Mobile Phone Personal Monitoring App provides a cost-effective solution that ensures continuous 24/7 personal safety monitoring. 

For more information on the Mobile Phone Personal Monitoring App please go to https://jupl.com/contact-us


Jupl Partners With Leading Australian Security Company.

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Press Release

Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney, Australia 04 April 2019

Jupl, New Zealand’s leading developer of mobile health and safety solutions, announces partnership with Sapio Australia.

Sapio formally known as Telstra SNP is Australia’s largest owned and operated electronic security and monitoring provider. The partnership brings together the Jupl cloud and app suite along with Sapio’s monitoring team. The first wearable monitoring product release is the Geroe Personal Protection Safety Watch, an at-risk worker duress monitoring device connected to the Jupl platform and Sapio’s 24/7 monitoring teams.

Jupl co-founder and CEO Alan Brannigan said “We see the at-risk worker market as a major growth area for us. Therefore, we’re excited to be partnering with Sapio who are trusted by businesses and Australian’s across Australia protecting business and homes for over 90 years. They understand this space very well”

The product has now launched across Australia, with a diverse range of use cases.

Sapio General Manager of Customer & Monitoring, Julieanne Pritchett said “At Sapio we exist to deliver activated solutions for our customers and Geroe is a great example of this, we are seeing strong interest and uptake in the solution and are partnering with our customers to learn more and unlock more applications for wearable monitoring . Whether it be mobile bankers, homecare nurses or property inspectors, safety assurance and peace of mind are at the core of what Geroe provides to businesses whose staff are on their own or in vulnerable situations.”

Jupl co-founder Sir Ray Avery said “Our partnership with Sapio is indicative of Jupl becoming a maturing business. The maturity and robustness of our cloud based platform which utilises the proven Samsung hardware now offers us opportunities to diversify into new markets such as the at-risk worker safety market.

For more information on the Geroe product please go to www.sapio.com.au

For Media Contacts contact;


Alan Brannigan – 021 981 632


Julieanne Pritchett – 02 9813 2945

Jupl Safety Watch Goes Retail

Sir Ray Avery holding the Jupl Safety Watch

Sir Ray Avery holding the Jupl Safety Watch

Jupl Media Release – Auckland, Sydney 28th May 2018

Jupl, New Zealand’s first truly mobile connected health and safety company, is launching online customer sales.

Jupl uses the Samsung Gear S3 watch in conjunction with its own cloud-based monitoring and analytics system. This, in collaboration with Spark and Cisco Jasper, ensures customers can stay connected wherever they are in Australia and New Zealand.

Alan Brannigan, CEO and Jupl co-founder said, “We partnered with Samsung to integrate the Gear S3 smartwatch into our cloud-based health and safety software platform to provide services such as wearer location tracking and two-way voice communication with family and friends, care managers or employers who can respond if the wearer is in distress.”

The Jupl Safety Watch allows a wearer to nominate a carer (family member, friend, or employer) to receive emergency alerts should they become distressed or feel vulnerable. It is a fully mobile device with its own connectivity to the mobile network.

“We have established a successful business to business market with our ANZ channel partners, and are repeatedly asked by individuals where they can purchase a Jupl Safety Watch directly for their loved ones that live independently and/or employees that work alone and often remotely.  So, in response to this, we built a wearable self-monitoring consumer product which can be purchased online” continued Brannigan.

Jupl co-founder Sir Ray Avery said, “Having our own stand-alone connected smartwatch (enabled by the latest e-SIM technology) means Jupl Safety Watch wearers and carers can receive real time alerts throughout New Zealand and Australia where there is mobile network coverage.”

“Existing landline based personal emergency response services are subject to power and telephone line outages and these are becoming more common with extreme weather conditions.  The Jupl Safety Watch overcomes these issues giving our customers and their caregivers peace of mind. I’m very proud of the technology the Jupl team have developed” said Sir Ray.


For Further Information contact;

Alan Brannigan, CEO – Jupl
T: +64 21 981 632
E: alan.brannigan@jupl.com

Michelle Vogt, Marketing - Jupl
T: +64 29 961 1520
E: michelle.vogt@jupl.com

Jupl technology to empower domestic violence victims

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Australian Olympic swimming legend Dawn Fraser to support campaign

1 March, 2018 Auckland New Zealand / Sydney Australia New Zealand technology developer Jupl has partnered with Survivor Watch, Australia, to support victims of domestic violence. Jupl’s solution uses a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with a built-in discreet alarm, which allows a victim to seek help at the press of a button, alerting a nominated carer to their current situation.

Jupl co-founder and CEO Alan Brannigan says, “Domestic violence is a major problem at all levels of society in both New Zealand and Australia. I am in awe of the work that Sy Laga’aia and Survivor Watch are doing and if Jupl’s technology can offer hope and empowerment to domestic violence victims – or maybe even save someone’s life – then I am inordinately proud that our team can be part of this solution.”

Survivor Watch was Co-Founded by Sy Laga’aia, who is passionate about empowering people to help the deal with situations in which they might otherwise feel helpless. The Survivor Watch series are marketed in Australia to lone workers, the elderly, high-risk environment workers, travellers and individuals that are impacted by domestic violence and bullying.

Laga’aia, a former bodyguard, says he has a natural tendency to protect.

“It’s in my genetic make-up – it’s just how I’m wired. To finally have a tool like this to help support those who suffer from domestic violence is an absolute break-through. Domestic violence statistics are growing rapidly and impact every facet of society, so to be working with Jupl on this project is fantastic – it’s an exciting and very worthwhile opportunity,” says Laga’aia.

The Survivor Watch campaign is unique in that it allows sufferers to be nominated (by a concerned loved one) to receive a watch. In addition, public donations can made on the website to help fund those in need of watch, but who are not in a financial position to afford one. (More information on the campaign is available at www.survivorwatch.com.au

Australian Olympic swimming legend Dawn Fraser has volunteered to be an ambassador for the Survivor Watch campaign. Fraser, who in the past was a victim of domestic violence herself, says she knows how devastating and frightening violence in the home is.

Jupl General Manger in Australia, Gui Feijo added, “The team at Survivor Watch is tackling a very important issue head on. Jupl wants to make a difference in our society and partnering with Sy and his team was a natural fit. We look forward to helping victims of Domestic Violence with this amazing tool.”

Sir Ray Avery, Jupl co-founder and healthcare inventor, says that the Jupl technology is ground-breaking and will impact positively on millions of peoples’ lives.

“The incredible partnership between Jupl, Spark, Samsung and Cisco-Jasper represents unparalleled innovative thinking and provides all our customers with a personal safety net

whether in healthcare or other critical areas such as domestic violence,” with Jupl you are never alone, help is just a fingertip away.” says Avery.

Jupl Scores Aussie Supply Agreement With Frontier Networks


Jupl  technology delivers proactive healthcare care, not just emergency calling

Auckland, New Zealand / Sydney, Australia, 08 February 2018 –  Jupl New Zealand’s innovative developer of mobile healthcare applications, has signed its first Australian partnership supply agreement with one of Australia’s largest connected health solutions providers, Frontier Networks.

Frontier Networks is the exclusive supplier of connected health solutions to several of the largest retirement living and aged care providers in Australia and undertook a global selection process to determine the best healthcare technology partner.

Paul Mula, Frontier Networks Co-founder and COO, says, “We carried out an extensive tender process, involving an international search and review of mobile healthcare solution providers. We were looking for the best technology partner to work with us to deliver advanced healthcare solutions. At the end of that process, we concluded that Jupl was the one for us.”

Alongside their home based personal emergency solutions, Jupl’s mobile application integrates with a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and Cisco Jasper’s cloud service, to deliver wearable, always-on remote healthcare services. The Jupl application provides around-the-clock support for the wearer (and their carers) through GPS and activity monitoring, as well as allowing critical alerts and reminders to be received. The application also incorporates a mobile phone app for carers to receive updates on the wearer, should the wearer become distressed.

Alan Brannigan, Co - founder and CEO of Jupl, says the solution evolved as a result of thousands of hours of collaboration between Samsung, Cisco Jasper, Spark and Jupl.

“The solution was made possible, in large part, by the roaming capability of the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, in conjunction with the embedded SIM solution provided by Spark, and managed using the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform provided by Cisco Jasper,” says Brannigan.

Sir Ray Avery, Jupl Co-founder and healthcare inventor, says, “This technology is a world first and will transform how we look at personal health and safety – it’s a great example of the kind of healthcare innovation required to improve healthcare outcomes for the world’s  ageing population.”

The Gear S3 is the first smartwatch with an embedded SIM, meaning it is essentially a mobile phone and doesn’t require any other device or phone for transmitting information.

The contract between Jupl and Frontier Networks was finalised at the inaugural Samsung Healthcare Summit held in Sydney late last year. The event showcased how technology is being utilised alongside the Samsung suite of products to enhance healthcare today and what can be expected in the future.

Gui Feijo, Jupl’s General Manager in Australia, says Jupl has been running multiple product trials and case studies throughout Australia in the past year, gaining experience and traction in the Aged Care and Lone Worker environments. According to Feijo, the partnership with Frontier Networks is the first of several expected to come to fruition in the next few months.

“This is a fantastic win for the Jupl team and a great way to lead into the new year.  We are very excited to be working with the Frontier team,” says Feijo.



Jupl - Leads the way in Wearable Healthcare Technology Summit

Jupl -  Leads the way in Wearable Healthcare Technology Summit

Sydney, 29 November 2017  – Jupl, a New Zealand software company, is showcasing leading edge wearable Healthcare technology at the inaugural Samsung Healthcare Summit being held in Sydney, today.

At todays’ Samsung Summit at the Hyatt Regency, Jupl is showcasing disruptive healthcare and lone worker wearable technology that was developed following an intensive international collaboration between Samsung, Spark and Cisco Jasper and software company Jupl.

IRT GROUP leads the way in healthcare

IRT GROUP leads the way in healthcare

Partners with Jupl in wearable healthcare technology trial

Sydney 18 October 2017 – The IRT Group (IRT) today announced that it has teamed up with Jupl, an innovative New Zealand software company, to trial the latest in wearable health technology.

Jason Malone, Chief Executive, IRT Care, says the trial is an initial pilot to test the latest in wearable healthcare technology.

“Our goal is to deliver the best quality healthcare possible. This pilot programme is the next step in delivering improved aged healthcare, by providing our residents with the latest technologies that will allow them to enjoy a better quality of life,” said Malone.

Jupl appoints Gui Feijo to head up Australian expansion

Jupl appoints Gui Feijo to head up Australian expansion

“Gui has a deep understanding of the Australian PERS market, having spent the last five years running Vitalcall, Australia’s largest PERS provider. Jupl’s innovative approach to the PERS market was attractive to Gui, who is keen to build on our successes with foundation customers like BUPA and St John to help make Jupl a household name,” says Brannigan.