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Auckland, New Zealand, 24 July 2019 

Jupl, New Zealand’s leading developer of health and safety solutions, announces  the release of its ‘Bring Your Own Device’ personal monitoring  solution.

Jupl’s Mobile Phone Personal Monitoring App  is the latest addition to  the Jupl Health and Safety Platform. It offers the same robust 24/7 personal monitoring service right from your mobile phone.

Jupl co-founder and CEO Alan Brannigan said “This is not just a mobile phone app. Jupl offers a health and safety platform as a service that complies with some of the most stringent compliance standards in the world. We are a leading supplier of home based and wearable personal emergency response solutions.  Therefore, developing a mobile phone solution that could access our cloud-based monitoring system is just a logical extension of that service. 

However, you can’t just provide a phone app that requires a user to unlock their phone before they can get assistance. Our Mobile Phone Duress App takes care of that for you. 

You only have to install the Jupl Phone app once and it will run in the background continuously even if you switch off and restart your phone. Even with your smartphone locked,you can still get assistance by triple clicking the side button on your phone. Your location is accessed by the call centre and a phone call established directly with emergency staff.  

All of the platform features are the same as we offer for our in-home and wearable  products including event notifications to a number of care givers and responders, device fleet management, check-in check-out functionality, GPS and network location tracking, geo fence generated alerts,  and 24/7 call centre response in case of emergencies.”

Large scale product trials are underway with a number of major companies in Australia and New Zealand with a full product release scheduled for Q4 2019.

Jupl Co-Founder  Sir Ray Avery Said “  “We have traditionally focused on   the Aged and Health Care markets  but more and more we are finding that frontline staff in these sectors  such as Hospital Emergency Staff need    personal monitoring systems to ensure their safety as lone workers.,  The  ‘Lone Worker’ market is significant  and we are seeing significant market opportunities in the Home Care, Finance and Insurance sectors. While our current Jupl watch solution literally provides help on hand not every person or company can afford a Jupl   watch with its own dedicated phone plan. The Jupl Mobile Phone Personal Monitoring App provides a cost-effective solution that ensures continuous 24/7 personal safety monitoring. 

For more information on the Mobile Phone Personal Monitoring App please go to https://jupl.com/contact-us